Lucy in the sky so high

So this came in the mail! I ordered this 2 days ago. However, the #haircrazy products I ordered in June still hasn’t arrived!
Made some mac&cheese with broccoli! Lovely toasted crumbs and cheese :)
Cooked bulalo after a long time of not cooking. Also took a long time to cook it. Dropped the veggies for last :)
Learning the origin of Filipino curse words. The reason why my generation and the next don’t use this curse word is because everyone feels, thinks, and acts as if they’re entitled to anything when they’re not.
Learning the origin of Filipino curse words.
Also dreaming of dim sum hits in hidden alleys along #Chinatown #NYC #cravings
Oh, #BenHoward! You are so amazing to watch live! Itching to travel again to where you are.
Negi Toro Salmon Don from bentoya! #happiness
The team behind @thefilipinotimes missing some other team members #philippineindependence #mydubai
Woot! @thefilipinotimes is finally on print! Late night proofing of the first copy was worth it! #thefilipinotimes #mydubai Launch day tomorrow at the Philippine Indepence Day Celebration at Al Nasr Leisureland!
#shoeselfie #twins at #JT2020Tour #topshop
#lianagram has a bouncy princess castle. I don’t want to leave anymore #bouncyhouse #princess #dibs
Hair for the day: braid bun!
Lone bird