Lucy in the sky so high

Breakfast with tatay in Manila.
So blessed to have these two with me! Never bored and always laughing <3 (at McGettigan’s Irish Pub)
Ready to freaking travel!
Out and about in #mydubai
Picking clothes to pack: all kinds of short shorts and tank tops cannot wait to be hubadera again!
With my office loves (at Elevation Burger)
Looking for a happy thought for this nega day, and I stumbled upon this photo.
Taken from Disneyland’s Hyperion Theatre’s Aladdin. One of my favourite Disney songs sung in my favourite place in the world!
One day I will return. #Disney
Lusting over these Charlotte Olympia Virgo birthday shoes!!! #wishlist
Hoarders part 1 because @kkkrustyvic eats a lot of ice cream
Best way to spend the weekend! This at home and then this at the beach later! <3
Best girls ever! I miss you loads, and summers have always been funtabulous growing with you girlies! #throwbackthursday #summerready
Working on 999 Magazine (for two years), the Engish monthly of the Ministry of Interior, I had to take a photo with the 999 boat at the International Boat Show! #MyDubai
Women have always been amazing, but we have been judged and criticized for speaking our minds and doing what we want to do. Congratulations to all yhe women who have been brave enough to stand up and fight for who they are. May we all inspire and protect each other. Happy International Women’s Day
Summer is here!!!
With my sisters in Dubai!