Lucy in the sky so high

999 Deadline today but first, we’ll take a selfie. 

Lipstick of the day: #MAC what joy!
Day 27 of #365daysofgratitude

It’s a weekend and I ran! Nothing could be better than running 5k without inhaler and not getting an asthma attack! 

Thanks for the stalker photo ate @jeshiebels!
Day 26 of #365daysofgratitude 

Thank God it’s the weekend!

A very fruitful day starting with multiple meetings and a wrap up of a project. 

Also very grateful that I got to hangout with Mangs and eat like a true kargador!  Two orders of Mandi from Bait al Mandi! Then more chismis at the beach!

Fun to catch up with old friends :)
#throwbackthursdays to what I think is my last photo of myself in London. taken on my 2nd day with my uncle in the Maritime Museum

#lucytravelsto #London2014
Day 25 of #365daysofgratitude 

Rugby at the end of a stressful day is just fantastic! I feel as wonderful as I felt when I woke up doing Day 2 of the yoga challenge I found in YouTube. 

Also grateful for the will power to not smoke even though all I wanted was to puff the stress away. 

Very grateful for a salad - packed lunch from the boss for lunch.

Hopefully I really turn around and start living healthy again.
Day 24 of #365daysofgratitude 

Very grateful for the day this photo was taken. The moon looked so beautiful above the symmetry of the Old Royal Naval College. 

And I’ve been very grateful for every day since then because of the things I am learning about myself, especially the things I thought I’m incapable of doing. Suddenly everything is possible!

The will, perseverance, and practice of searching happiness within works wonders.
3 days of #365daysofgratitude because I don’t have photos.
Happy birthday Don Victor! Despite my annoyance for your 22 years of existence, I’m still grateful you’re still alive today. It’s been two years since your accident, and we have been blessed that you’re still alive.

Please stop being such a boss. I don’t like it. 

I love you, @kkkrustyvic! 

Day 20 of #365daysofgratitude
My mother is now my mini-me! Friday brunch for my brother’s birthday at Marina. #myDubai #motherdaughter
Day 18 of #365daysofgratitude 

Finally!! My baby is out! This is the first issue I worked alone as a project manager for 999. I always worked tag team with another account manager before. But this is the first I did everything from editorial planning to waiting till 11 pm for any changes/adjustments until it was signed off!

So much gratitude for my habebti, Fatoom for such a great job at designing and being very patient with all the changes and last minute add - ons! 

Grateful for my awesome team of writers and editor for putting such a great issue.

Grab copies of #999 Magazine, the official English monthly of the #MOI at petrol stations and newsstands across the UAE.
Day 17 of #365daysofgratitude 

Always grateful to come home to this:

1) Papa who always, always gives me more than what I need
2) Chewieboo, my sleep buddy (who is much better at sleeping than me!)
3) Salmon sashimi

Grateful for a feast today starting with my Limetree breakfast, Al Safadi lamb chops, and homemade Jap dinner
Day 16 of #365daysofgratitude 

Thank God I’m still alive. Thank God for insurance or else I wouldn’t pay almost Dh 1,000 for my meds. And thank goodness I can swallow again without the pain.
Day 15 of #365daysofgratitude 

Family dinner in La Paradis du Fruit after Sunday mass.

There’s nothing more to ask for. Except maybe @jehovahs_wetness
Day 12 of #365daysofgratitude 

Late post because I was too tired last night.

So much to be grateful for, especially the good news I received yesterday. #fingerscrossed and prayers offered that it really happens!

Even more so, grateful that the father is back after a month of working off shore!
Day 11 of #365daysofgratitude 

I am grateful for many things today. 

1) Very grateful for my family who has been spoiling me for years and I am loving it.

2) Grateful for my bosses for always giving me an opportunity to grow and meet new people and learn new things. 

3) Grateful for this new project which is much more systematic and I get to be part of an amazing outcome.

4) Grateful for training today, especially for Sara, who took time to really teach us even if she’s not the coach. 

5) Grateful for the love that goes around and comes around. I would like to send love and light to my girls back home who are struggling and are going through some rough days.