Lucy in the sky so high

Day 11 of #365daysofgratitude 

I am grateful for many things today. 

1) Very grateful for my family who has been spoiling me for years and I am loving it.

2) Grateful for my bosses for always giving me an opportunity to grow and meet new people and learn new things. 

3) Grateful for this new project which is much more systematic and I get to be part of an amazing outcome.

4) Grateful for training today, especially for Sara, who took time to really teach us even if she’s not the coach. 

5) Grateful for the love that goes around and comes around. I would like to send love and light to my girls back home who are struggling and are going through some rough days.
Day 10 of #365daysofgratitude 

I rarely post selfies, worse post - workout selfies BUT I have no other photo that would show how grateful I am that I did not get lazy to run and do some training today.

Still not my best time, but under dying conditions, pushed myself to run and do press ups!

Grateful also for my bosses who are so sweet that they brought take away from Bentoya!

Grateful for my cousin for pushing me to wake up early for work and to work hard on living healthy. Love you @jeshiebels!
Day 9 of #365daysofgratitude 

Finally got back to training and I’m totally way behind! Grateful for this day because I learned so much about how UNFIT I am. 

Had a really bad asthma attack today which means I have to go back to my doctor to modify my maintenance dosage. Most importantly, I learned how much more I need to train and practice even off the pitch.

I’m grateful for my understanding teammates and coach. And the chance to play again.
Extension of Day 8 of #365daysofgratitude 

Because you are your own best friend and that you can’t really rely on anyone about anything.

Grateful to be healthy and smart enough to keep my job that allows me to get the things I want. Grateful for my parents for providing a roof under my head, if not for it, I will not be able to afford the life I’m living.
Day 7 of #365daysofgratitude 

Grateful to find time for some post - birthday pampering. Last week had been so busy I didn’t have anytime to relax. And I got that today. Hopefully warding off all the hate and frustrations!
Day 5 of #365daysofgratitude 

A great way to end this crazy work week:

1) Grateful for finally signing off 999 Magazine and having a productive steady work day today

2) Grateful for family and the family we’ve made in Dubai. Dinner tonight was good and in a very beautiful place!
Day 4 of #365daysofgratitude 

Grateful to receive an email from my first long distance lover, @karlaaguas! I am grateful for our friendship and the love that we have for each other that goes on for miles (even more than the miles between us)! 

I am grateful for the gift of wisdom you’ve shared with me through the struggles you’ve overcome and the faith that you have has inspired me to hold on to life and make things better for myself.

Day 4 is gratitude to friends who’ve helped me survive the last 25 years, especially the tough ones. I’m very grateful for you, too, @angellorilla for being behind me and with me in all the milestones (and road blocks in my life)!
Day 3 of #365daysofgratitude 

I am very grateful that I passed the driving test on the first try and that my dad is very generous to give me his old car. I am grateful that I now control the time I get to work, but I am also grateful for the two years that I had to commute. Taking the train to work taught me to be patient and to let go of things that I cannot control.

Now I am more patient with traffic jams and have learned to enjoy not being in control.
Didn’t have time to post this yesterday but Day 2 of #365daysofgratitude:

1) Thankful for my habebti @bskootah_93 for her birthday gift, but most of all for being my partner in creating the 999 Magazine that we finished last night.

Also grateful for the writers and translators who have helped in creating the content of the magazine.

Today we print the dummy and even though I haven’t slept, I am happy.
For my 25th year on this planet I would like to be more expressive of my gratitude for my life have been truly blessed.

Day 1 of #365daysofgratitude:
1) I am grateful that I got to hear mass today and the homily was about how to make your life miserable - and that is something I will stop doing. Stop comparing and be grateful for what I have and cultivate it.

2) I am grateful for my work that allows me to fund my dreams and help my family, and a workplace that celebrates birthdays.
First photo with my new phone and new, old car! 

Grateful despite my xperia Z completely dying halfway through my trip, and Etisalat running out of iPhone 5s because the Samsung Galaxy s5’s display looks really, really nice!

I just hope it’s much more durable than the Sony and as tanga - friendly as the iPhone! 

Also grateful that I got my driver’s  licence and that even though my dad will not let me use the new car, he gave me his old car for free! So many early birthday gifts from the parents this year! #blessed
It’s been 5 hours but I still cannot get over how good this pizza is!!! The buffalo ricotta just makes this dish perfect add in their chilli olive oil! Heaven in my mouth! Thanks, @ramenpimp for taking me to Brixton Market and Borough Market!!
"To die wou would be an awfully big adventure." -Peter Pan

Hook is one of the most imaginative adaptation I’ve seen of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. Robin Williams has played a lot of great characters have portrayed the ultimate lost boy, Peter. So, today, it was just apt for me to go and see the Peter Pan statue which was a gift to JM Barrie.

"You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting." -Tinkerbell

RIP Mr Robbin Williams
Dream come true! Finally saw Peter Pan’s statue! #fromwhereistand
Step 1: pick a design
Step 2: pick a parlour
Step 3: pick an artist 
Step 4: endure the pain

In memory of watching my favourite band play for the first and last time in London, I decided to ink the title of my favourite song, “Breathe”. This song has helped me get through the toughest moments of my life. I decided to get it in sanskrit which reads, pranayama, as doing yoga has helped me understand the deeper significance of breathing through pain. 

And that’s exactly what I did while Marcus Wall did a dot work/pointilism tattoo on my nape at Evil from the Needle tattoo parlour on Camden Town. Evil from the Needle has been open in Camden since 1986.